Management of Power Management ;)

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Mon Aug 24 11:23:40 CEST 2009

Svetoslav Trochev wrote:

>> BTW, _never_ever_ take out the battery from gta01 running on USB power.
>> It
>> will destroy it for sure if you don't pull of the cord immediately.
> Opps. I think I have done this many times! I hope I have not burn
> something already! What part of the phone will be damaged in this case?

I remember Halad Welte mentioning this issue and that is not so bad anymore.
The problem was, that the CPU started, detected that VBatt is not there
and reseted. This many many times a second. (High whine sound)
But I remember him uttering something about fixes in u-boot that make it
You should not run it long in this state though. The PMU probably does not
like it.

 Tilman Baumann

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