Whats up with downloads.freesmartphone.org?

Erland Lewin erland at lewin.nu
Fri Jan 2 10:06:04 CET 2009

2009/1/2 Rod Whitby <rod at whitby.id.au>

> The README on downloads.freesmartphone.org will point you to the build
> logs, from where you can determine which OE packages are causing the builds
> to fail.  Then you can raise bug reports for those failures and when they
> are all fixed the images will be built again.

When I go to:


and search for om-gta02 builds, there is no log for any build attempts since
2008-11-04 21:59:06.481617.

For om-gta01, it reports a successful build on 2009-01-02, but there I don't
see any files since after november for the gta01 under

> Unfortunately, I don't have a working openmoko phone for some time now, so
> I have little incentive to look into it ....
> If the build logs indicate a problem with the autobuilder rather than just
> the normal broken packages, feel free to email directly and I'll fix the
> autobuilder.  But it's usually just the packages that are broken, not the
> autobuilder itself.

I'm guessing something is not right with the autobuilder?


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