Whats up with downloads.freesmartphone.org?

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Sun Jan 4 11:44:42 CET 2009

Mark Chandler wrote:
> Rod - may I ask what's wrong with your moko? If it's a h/w issue, I'd be 
> glad to send you either my 1973 or FreeRunner.

I have a pre-release US FreeRunner which, irrespective of having an
externally fully charged battery, only decides to turn on once in
between 50 and 2000 times that you try to turn it on.

It's incredibly frustrating.

For instance, it's been on the shelf unused for over three months, and I
pull it out this morning, charge the battery externally, put the battery
back in and it turns on fine.  I leave it connected to the official
openmoko wall charger, hoping to keep it charged until I can get back to
it tonight to flash some new firmware, and it won't turn on.  I put the
battery in the external charger, just to be sure, and confirm it's good
voltage with a voltmeter, and still it won't turn on.

So if someone wants to send me a working EU FreeRunner (so I can
actually use it as a phone in Australia which uses the same bands as
Europe, not the US), I'll happily accept.  Otherwise, I'll fix the
autobuilder when it breaks, but won't have much of an incentive to fix
packages ...

Thanks for the offer,

-- Rod (BTW, the om-gta02 fso feeds and images should be fixed now)

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