Whats up with downloads.freesmartphone.org?

digger vermont dv_mlist at verizon.net
Sun Jan 4 18:17:52 CET 2009

On Sun, 2009-01-04 at 21:17 +1030, Rod Whitby wrote:
> digger vermont wrote:
> > On Fri, 2009-01-02 at 19:03 +1030, Rod Whitby wrote:
> >> The README on downloads.freesmartphone.org will point you to the build logs, from where you can determine which OE packages are causing the builds to fail.  Then you can raise bug reports for those failures and when they are all fixed the images will be built again.
> >> Unfortunately, I don't have a working openmoko phone for some time now, so I have little incentive to look into it ....
> >> If the build logs indicate a problem with the autobuilder rather than just the normal broken packages, feel free to email directly and I'll fix the autobuilder.  But it's usually just the packages that are broken, not the autobuilder itself.
> >> -- Rod
> > 
> > Okay, however I'm having trouble interpreting what I see on tinderbox.
> > At the moment om-gta02 has started to show up again.
> The om-gta02 image and packages have now built successfully, and I've
> rsynced the results to the feeds.  The following packages from
> task-openmoko-feed.bb fail to build:

Thanks Rod! The updates are welcome.

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