Xorg glamo update

Armin ranjbar zoup at zoup.org
Mon Jan 5 11:34:14 CET 2009

On Sun, 4 Jan 2009 21:36:31 -0200
Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org> wrote:

> Graeme Gregory wrote:
> > As for git hosting I'm sure we can organise that within OM. I have the
> > resources to host it myself but better to get OM to do it :-)
> I wonder if this is something projects (Gforge) could offer. Since git
> has become fairly popular for Open Source projects and particularly
> those related to Linux, it would seem to make sense to have git there
> as well.
Its quite possible for us , but gforge-git plugin isn't very stable right
now ( http://gforge.com/gf/project/scmgit/ ) but if community needs such
service we certainly can improve things :) 

right now Gforge administration team is in 'back to basics' state ;)) 

Armin ranjbar , System Administrator

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