Marek Lindner marek at openmoko.com
Tue Jan 6 12:34:22 CET 2009

On Tuesday 06 January 2009 03:48:56 Joel Newkirk wrote:
> Who is responsible for development of Exposure.py settings app?  I don't
> know where to propose this.

I wrote exposure - feel free to contact me.

> My suggestion is that Exposure would be more flexible if it were able to
> automatically incorporate whatever valid modules it finds in
> /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/expos/ instead of requiring modifications
> of __init__.py and exposure.py itself to add something.

I know that exposure itself is not very modular and extensible. It was a quick 
& dirty solution that was needed for Om2008.x. I intended to rewrite exposure 
to make it a part of paroli (coming in Om2009). One of the new features would 
have been dynamic module loadling (paroli already supports it).
Due to the ongoing Openmoko simplification crusade the exposure development was 
put on hold. Should you intend to pick it up I highly support you.  :-)

By the way, exposure scans for xdesktop files to dynamically extend the main 
menu and execute the command in the xdesktop file. Although this does not 
integrate well into exposure.


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