meeting in Braunschweig

Marek Lindner marek at
Wed Jan 7 10:31:59 CET 2009


yesterday, we (Mickey, Daniel, Jan, Stefan, Ray and me) sat together in 
Braunschweig to discuss the next steps regarding the builds / images / feeds / 
2.6.28 / etc.

Here is the summary of the outcome:

=> latest / experimental package feed
* This feed contains the latest version (autorev) of specific packages such as 
the framework, paroli, others? for developers.
* Ray will decide what name is going to be used for this feed.

=> unstable images / package feed
* All necessary build information come from OE upstream except for a few minor 
customization as repository URLs, additional packages, etc but no autorev. 
* Images is built only with a release of a new FSO milestone which will be 
tagged in the OE tree. Packages are built every day and offered via the feed.

=> testing images / packages feed
* At some point prior to the release (e.g. 2 months) the testing branch forks 
from OE. It will contain Openmoko customizations and cherry picked fixes from 
* Until then the current testing builds will be suspended.

=> stable images / packages feed
* Once the testing branch is bug free enough it will be declared stable. 
Maintenance fixes can go into this branch.

=> build location
* Ray needs to find a workable compromise for all parties involved (building in 
Taipeh or in a data center).

=> build frontend
* Outside parties want to know the status of the builds / versions / build 
* Ray tries to get familiar with oestats / tinderbox. In the first step he will 
upload our build information to until he 
configured an oestats machine.

=> 2.6.28
* Framework already supports both kernels (.24 & .28).
* Next FSO milestone will come with support for both kernels. If .28 proves to 
be stable enough in the coming weeks .24 support may be removed immediately.

=> misc:
* Remove OM bitbake (features went upstream according to Holger).
* Ray will write a detailed announcement to explain how to get $your_package 
included in the OM repositories as OM is going to shutdown the (binary only) 
community repository.
* Future releases will use a distro-update package to update the machines of 
the existing user base.


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