andy-tracking (was: Re: updated kernel build how-to, from scratch)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jan 7 14:14:27 CET 2009

Sander van Grieken wrote:
> - wifi seems to be toggled by each suspend/resume cycle. After boot wifi is 
> enabled (even though the interface is not marked 'auto' in 
> /etc/network/interfaces). After the first suspend cycle it's disabled, the 
> next cycle it's enabled again, etc.

The S3C MMC driver deactivates the device during suspend, so the
interface is removed and then re-created. Whether it's configured
in any way after that depends on user space. E.g., if you're running
wpa_supplicant, it should jump in and take care of things.

You can tell the kernel to keep the device up and running even in
suspend. To do so, set the boot parameter s3cmci.persist=1 or, if
loading s3cmci.ko as a module, pass the parameter persist=1

Note that the module will keep on scanning etc. if you set "persist".
If you want to silence it, you'd wmiconfig -i eth0 --wlan disable
first, and --wlan enable after resuming. This will still preserve the
interface status.

- Werner

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