Openmoko Bug #2206: Can't mount GadgetFS on OM.

Sander van Grieken sander at
Thu Jan 8 08:30:21 CET 2009

On Wednesday 07 January 2009 20:03:34 Openmoko Public Trac wrote:
> #2206: Can't mount GadgetFS on OM.

>- I've got problems starting GadgetFS on the OpenMoko (the actual phone) and
> I think it could be a problem in the kernel or the GadgetFS source.
>  GadgetFS and g_ether are compiled as module. This is how I start it:
>  {{{
>  rmmod g_ether
>  insmod .../gadgetfs.ko default_uid=`id -u`
>  mkdir -p /dev/gadget
>  }}}
>  Although GadgetFS starts without errors (so far) and "gadgetfs" is listed
>  in /proc/filesystems, the following
>  {{{
>  mount -t gadgetfs gadgetfs /dev/gadget
>  }}}
>  throws an error (unknown filesystem).

I've made a patch a couple of days ago, and I can get it to mount without 
error, but I'm not sure yet if my modification is semantically correct.

When I get home from work this evening I'll send the patch to the list && the 


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