How do I make Xglamo read directly from the touchscreen?

Holger Freyther zecke at
Thu Jan 8 16:33:34 CET 2009

On Friday 26 December 2008 06:24:21 Nelson Castillo wrote:
> Hello.
> With the latest kernel we can use the Touchscreen with no further
> user-space filtering. I'd like to test this.
> How can I make Xglamo read the TS information from /dev/input/eventX?

To restart this:

Check /etc/ts.conf. If your 'raw' coordinates are fine just remove everything 
after input_raw... this will still go through tslib but allows you to test 

Regarding using such thing in a general way:

If you want to get this stuff actually used (and tslib removed) then you 

	1.) Get the code upstream into the linux kernel
	2.) Provide the testing infrastructure that exists with tslib
	3.) Fix the XCalibrate extension... have a "stable" path in sysfs for 

Our Company goal is to use upstream stuff, by using Openmoko's custom in kernel 
touchscreen filtering and calibration infrastructure we don't get closer to 
that goal, we walk into the other direction.


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