How do I make Xglamo read directly from the touchscreen?

Andy Green andy at
Thu Jan 8 16:58:32 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| 	1.) Get the code upstream into the linux kernel

We feel showing it can remove the need for tslib gives us a story that
gives a better chance upstream.

| Our Company goal is to use upstream stuff, by using Openmoko's custom
in kernel

It's just one goal of several.  In real life multiple goals conflict and
you have to figure out what to do for the best --->

| touchscreen filtering and calibration infrastructure we don't get
closer to
| that goal, we walk into the other direction.

We went in the direction of resolving a longstanding problem for users,
GTA02 touchscreen was unusable until this was done.

There's no point to repeat the cycle of "shoulda done it in tslib"
because that's out of scope for me and nobody else took action.

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