[OSX] does a toolchain need to support NPTL for OM?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Thu Jan 8 22:30:23 CET 2009

Am 08.01.2009 um 21:56 schrieb Christopher Friedt:

> Hi again Niklaus,
> I made 2 small typos on my reply before
> 1) my target was not gnueabi, it was arm-softfloat-linux-gnu (only
> more recent versions of glibc / gcc / binutils support gnueabi)

Ok, that may be different in detail and the eabi part is important.

> 2) the glibc I used was version 2.3.2

That isn't much delta to 2.3.6.

> In case you feel like using an alternative libc called "newlib" or
> somethiing like glibc-2.6.1 (would likely work just as well), you can
> try out the following link:
> http://dirkraffel.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/building-a-gnu-arm-cross-compiler-toolchain-on-mac-os-x/

Ah. Good pointer.

But (there is always a but :)
* has no Linux headers
* uses newlib
* is not eabi

So binaries may not be compatible unless I force users to install more  
than they need.

> Just add objective-c to the "--enable-languages" option.

The key issue is that I want to build a toolchain that is binary  
compatible with that what e.g. 2008.9 uses and provides in the rootfs.

Let's check again (it is some time ago that I checked).

It is (at least for 2008.9 - I have not tried for 2008.12):

* armv4tl-linux-gnueabi
* 2.6.24
* softfloat
* libc-2.6.1.so

So, it uses a libc-2.6.1 and this may compile correctly with ARM NPTL.
I will try this combination with NPTL and report...

Hm. glibc says "armv4tl not supported"... So I probably should stay  
with target=arm-GTA02-linux-gnueabi...


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