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Mirko Lindner mirko at
Fri Jan 9 09:40:03 CET 2009

The Paroli Team wishes all of you a happy new year.

Our last update was a while back but development continued and, despite 
sickness, vacations, Christmas, New Year's as well as jet lags, a lot 
has been accomplished.

Most importantly, you can now find a paroli package in the testing 
repository[1] which can be installed via opkg.

The package[2] is at pre-alpha state but the main phone functions are 
available and ready to be tested. Please note paroli is not considered a 
daily phone app, yet. You will find it can be rather unstable at times 
and might not always react the way you would expect ;) We hope that with 
the help of the community and lots of hard work we can reach a state 
where paroli can be considered reliable soon.

Information on how to run and use paroli can be found here[3]

We also have opened a new base for information, updates and bug tracking:

The main part is a blog which we will use to inform of small changes, 
publish tutorials and interesting facts we discover along the road. The 
page also contains a rough overview of our goals and how we plan to get 
there, it is a bit scarce right now, but will be filled up 
continuously. We are hoping for your input via mail, irc, chat or 
comment fields on our blog.

Our new bug tracker resides at . It 
is rather virgin up to now so we encourage you to test paroli and note 
your findings ;)

We also moved our source repository which can now be found at:;a=summary [4]

As you can see the paroli has great plans for 2009 and we hope some of 
you will join us and follow our efforts.

/The paroli Team


A rough overview about how this package differs from the last tichy package:

Tichy migrated into paroli-core and is now a vital part of paroli.
It is a slimmed down and more paroli focused version. Among other things 
EFL is now the default graphical library and the starting process has 
been optimized.Yaml was replaced with ParseConfig due to performance 
issues.Plus lots of other small, nifty details.


checkout via git clone

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