Touch based Dual Boot Menu

Thomas Kunze thommycheck at
Fri Jan 9 11:57:22 CET 2009

Werner Almesberger schrieb:
> ramsarvan wrote:
>> I want to have a boot menu which shows the touch based platform 
>> selection options.
> You mean you want to have a boot menu (instead of the current u-boot
> menu) that uses the touch screen ?
>> Is that possible to do?
> That would certainly be possible to do, but ... may I suggest that,
> if you embark on that mission, that you base your work on Qi ?
> More specifically, that you don't actually change the boot loader
> but make a small Linux system that does nothing but bring up the
> menu and then execute the respective choice with kexec.
I wrote a little C programm for this for zaurus pda. It has no 
touchscreen suppport, but you might find
it useful:;a=summary
It works as follows:
-read available filesystems from /proc/filesystems
-read available partitions from /proc/partitions
-try to mount each partition, search for zImage in /boot
-present menu
-kexec choice

Here is a (bad) picture of it: 


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