u-boot: charging patch

philipp at hug.cx philipp at hug.cx
Fri Jan 9 12:11:04 CET 2009


I tried to charge my Freerunner with a car charger yesterday but I had no
The reason for this: If there's no USB host connected that tells u-boot to
charge at 500mA it will call pcf50633_usb_maxcurrent with 0 and this
essentially disables charging.

So I made a patch to fix this problem and also some other charger-related
* I disabled the call to cpu_idle because it breaks USB communication *
LED now only flashes for 10ms instead of 1s, charging should be faster now
* prevent 1s sleep if battery is already charged -> faster startup * Fixed
comment, removed obosolete TODO

I now that there's not much interest in u-boot anymore and it's preferred
to move code into the linux kernel but:
Can anyone please merge this patch?

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