Future of location services on OM

john jptmoore at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 17:00:47 CET 2009

2009/1/10 Gergely Imreh <imrehg at gmail.com>:
> On the other hand, how well the wifi-based positioning would work?
> Have to take some real life data of that one as well, and try to use
> it.

Well, they work pretty well and your average iPod user seems impressed
enough when it draws a circle on their map.

Going off on a tangent...*ducks*...a completely off-the-hook approach
I thought about that works in buildings, shopping malls etc is to set
the Bluetooth name of various fixed devices to their coordinates so
that when you walk in range the software on your phone simply reads
the Bluetooth name and gets the location. You can build pretty small
devices that you could plug in that broadcast their coordinates this
way. Now if you can go round the planet plugging these in you are in
business ;)


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