Future of location services on OM

Stefan Schmidt stefan at openmoko.org
Sun Jan 11 02:58:16 CET 2009


On Sat, 2009-01-10 at 17:19, Dima Kogan wrote:
> Look around their site; everything's pretty clear.

Well, at least not for me. Starting from the main page I see 7 links. 3 to
company websites, 1 email link, one to itself, one to google code and one to the
client downloads. So the two last ones could get more info. Clients does not
have any further infos regarding license or actual data. Same for the
code.google site. I really fail to find links to the sites you point out here.

Anyway, data can be found on the links you gave. Still I can't find a clear
license statement anywhere.

> http://www.opencellid.org/ requires you to register to update the
> database, but not to query it. The api is at
> http://www.opencellid.org/api . The raw data is at
> http://www.opencellid.org/data/

Don't get me wrong. This looks like the most promising db so far. I just like a
clear license on stuf I may use and contribute to.

> The script appears below, but it's a hack at the moment. I couldn't
> find an FSO method to get the cell tower id, so I'm tailing the log to
> get it instead.

We have the cell id in the GetStatus() / Status() method and signal combination:

Or is the cell tower id different from the cell id string? If yes and you need
more information exported let us know.

> Also, I'm using the agps-onlinec app from the wiki to
> actually seed the AGPS. This writes directly to /dev/ttySAC1, which
> really is not the right way to do it in FSO-land. Still seems to work,
> though. You also need an account with u-blox to get the ephemeris and
> almanac data. These are free and instructions are on the wiki.

Yeah, we need to cover this as well. But before we do this we need to find out
why the GPS gets confused when uploading ephemeris. If this is fixed getting the
initial data from ublox as option is nice.

Stefan Schmidt

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