Illume desktop and fileman

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Sun Jan 11 18:54:28 CET 2009


I am currently (among many other things) fighting with the illume 
design. More precisely with the display of the *.desktop files.

What I want to achieve:
I want the icons/entries to be displayed one per line at a height of 
roughly 65px. I actually don't want the pictures at all but rather only 
the names of the programs available in a long scroll list.

The illume-settings do not allow me to change to a list design. Raster 
said Fileman has this option but it is currently not available and or 

Has anyone and idea how I could achieve the list view using the tools 
available ?

I have tried several things such as editing the illume.edj and decrease 
the size of the swallow containing the icons, which gives a list view, 
but cuts of the titles once they are increased in size (a rather logical 

Any other ideas?


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