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Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Mon Jan 12 05:18:03 CET 2009

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009 18:54:28 +0100, Mirko Lindner <mirko at>
> Hi,
> I am currently (among many other things) fighting with the illume
> design. More precisely with the display of the *.desktop files.
> What I want to achieve:
> I want the icons/entries to be displayed one per line at a height of
> roughly 65px. I actually don't want the pictures at all but rather only
> the names of the programs available in a long scroll list.
> The illume-settings do not allow me to change to a list design. Raster
> said Fileman has this option but it is currently not available and or
> functional.
> Has anyone and idea how I could achieve the list view using the tools
> available ?
> I have tried several things such as editing the illume.edj and decrease
> the size of the swallow containing the icons, which gives a list view,
> but cuts of the titles once they are increased in size (a rather logical
> result).
> Any other ideas?
> /mirko

Not a solution, unfortunately, more of a "me too".  I've been trying to
figure out a way to show one icon per 'line' with the label to the right -
effectively the same thing you're seeking, but with icons retained.  I'd
initially thought that "Sliders" mode in the launcher should accomplish
this, but that turns out to provide a shortened full-width view of the
icon, label below, and the icons slide left to right to select other
apps/whatever within the same category, so each line is effectively an icon
category.  (which, incidentally, I think would also be nicer with icon on
left and text on right ;)

My current thoughts center on redesigning the theme for the launcher
itself, but like you I've been unable to find the right place in illume.edj
(or other themes) to accomplish this.  I'm not happy with the
multi-layer-black-button-with-shine-and-so-forth look of the icons in the
illume theme anyway - something else that has been driving me to figure out
where the icons pull their layout and look. My goal is something similar to
ASU theme, but with config & keyboard buttons and my own slightly altered
Illume battery & GSM and ASU clock - I've gotten all but config patched
into a modified ASU theme so far.  (specifically, I've altered the GSM
widget from Illume to utilize colored bars for easier at-a-glance reading
of signal quality plus show carrier name, hijacked the Illume battery
widget but scaled it narrower, and I've altered the ASU digital clock to
include the date below the time)


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