Exposure in paroli? [was: Re: Exposure]

Mirko Lindner mirko at openmoko.org
Mon Jan 12 11:11:19 CET 2009


c_c wrote:
>    assuming the invite is not exclusive :-), I would be interested in
> collaborating too. Have been thinking along the lines of extending exposure
> for 2.6.28 and fso and thought a paroli plug-in would be more efficient.
Not exclusive in any way, it is an open invitation :)
So, a settings for 2.6.28 in paroli it is :)

> Just about getting to understand paroli though.
If you have any questions, I am happy to answer whatever I can :)

>   Also thinking of improving the Paroli UI. Seems pretty rough around the
> edges to me. Also - can anyone tell me what the static "20:08" in the top
> bar is supposed to be? Seems like the clock stopped :-) to me.

Hehe, as mentioned on the website we did not exactly focus on the UI yet 
;) But I agree it needs a bit of love :)

Haha, my clock. It is a mock-up top-bar to close the applications 
without killing the paroli process. Hopefully we find a way to use the 
illume bar to take over that functionality.


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