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Thu Jan 8 07:27:53 CET 2009

on 550000 km2) and I evaluate from 4 to 8 cells per tower for one operator.<br>
It means from 200 000 to 400 000 entries in a database for one country (as large as France)<br>
&nbsp;for one operator (to have the full country in local SD database)<br>

For these 400 000 entries, you need to store <br>
mcc/mnc/lac/cid and two double for latitude and longitude<br>
(and perhaps other attributes such as max radius...)<br>
Probably you will not need the full country all the time on your SD card. We probably can design<br>

a way to sync the local openmoko database with the openbmap database... On LAC basis for instance...<br>
If you want to have a closer look at the current local database<br>
(I extracted the local database from the website), please look at <br>

<a href=""></a><br>
It is the SQL script containing all the cells (before opencellid merge)<br>

cell descriptions and the cell coordinates...<br>


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