Future of location services on OM

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Mon Jan 12 23:52:18 CET 2009


Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-01-12 at 16:03, Mat Real wrote:
>> For each cell zone, I generate a kml file. This is nice to see how cells
>> enveloppe and
>> how coordinates have been generated.
> The maps looks already quite nice, even if germany is not in the db yet. ;)
Of course it is, I take care of Germany by myself so far ;-)
>> About openBmap client side, as you can see on the web site, a windows mobile
>> version
>> is available. It logs mcc/mnc/lac/cid/signal strength and gps data.
>> The openmoko version is almost ready !
> How does it get the gsm and gps data? I hope from the FSO framework!
What else? ;-)
> We still have some more ideas around location on our agenda. And location from
> GSM/Wifi/etc is a nice part of it. Would be great to have some more devs here.
> If anybody is interested let us know. Hopefully in february we should be again
> in a modus where we like to test out new things to refresh us from a new
> release.
>> The gsm/gps capture is ready and I guess it will be soon out.
>> The developer in charge will post soon on this thread.
> Great.
Indeed ;-) . I have been working on a freerunner logger. My target is: 
simple and stable. It is pretty straight forward:

* GUI (pygtk) displays current GPS data, GSM data (MCC, MNC, lac, cell 
id, signal strength, etc...).
  You have so far four buttons: start logging, stop logging, upload, exit.

* The main part (python) creates small log files containing the GPS and 
GSM data. And upload it.

What remains before releasing:
* upload to openBmap server is not working yet
* save config file
* packaging

I take this opportunity to ask for advice: I was wondering where would 
be the best place to put the code and package? I have been thinking about:
* sourceforge page of the openBmap project (aka keeps everything 
together option)
* projects.openmoko.org (aka what is linked to openmoko, stays at 
openmoko option)
* or merge with the projects.openmoko.org/projects/rocinante/ (aka why 
reinvent the wheel option)
What do you think would be the best place?
And get the package in the feeds, would be also a target.

TODO (among others...):
* display/log neighbour cells
* another application using the openBmap database located on the phone, 
to get location ( I have a quick look at rocinante, it seems you guys 
already built something for use inside TangoGPS. Would be nice :-) ). 
Use neighbour cells to increase precision.
* move all of this into Tichy?


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