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Thu Jan 8 07:27:53 CET 2009

extesively (for example to switch the keyboard from
querty/numeric/normal) . In my experience, when I try to slide my finger
on the display, I don't always succeed to get what I want. I think this
is a limitation of the hw itself, and we are trying to emulate
interfaces of other phones (like the iphone) that have a different
hardware and work much better.

My suggestion here is to reduce the use of sliding, scrolling whenever
possible. For example we might have two big buttons to page-up page-down
(but not scroll-up, scoll-down otherwise we will just have the same
problem) on the main menu to allow easy access to all applications
icons. Of course there are other applications where this might not be
possible without hinder usability (I'm thinking about tangogps for
example).  However, I think that adopting this general principle will
make the UI much more responsive and user friendly. There are better
chances to press a button to flip page, then to slide my finger and
lunching an application by mistake.

Another small suggestion is about the keyboard (in general, any
keyboard). Why do have by default the smallest keyboard in the world,
when we could have much bigger keys if we rotate the phone in landscape
mode ? 

I'm thinking when I write an sms. The default should be landscape. Yes,
maybe you might need to use to hands instead of one, but I don't believe
you are able to type an sms with the current keyboard just using one
hand anyway. Most of use use the stilo anyway...

On the same note about the pin input. Why do I have to switch to the
numeric keyboard (here I'm talking about om.200x) to input my pin, if
the application already knows the I need the numeric keyboard ? And why
should not be able to use directly the big numeric keyboard used in the
call widget ?

All in all, I think there should be a number of different keyboard,
specialized for a specific task (call(numeric), sms(landscape),
terminal, sms(predictive), etc ) and each application should be able to
select by default that would be more user friendly for its specific

I hope I'm not talking bullshit here. I've been following development
for a while, but I might have missed something important. Like I never
tried parioli...

thanks for listing :)

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