Stream capture-OpenMoko

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Tue Jan 13 15:13:14 CET 2009

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Am Tuesday 13 January 2009 14:59:08 schrieb kamson:
> are You sure about that? Could You tell me If it is possible to capture the
> stream do anything with it(for example cut some samples) and then send via
> GSM? Operation doesn't have to be very demanding about the cpu I only want
> to know if we can do something with the stream.

There are two obstacles: 1.) You have to use/create a special alsa scenario 
file, 2.) there is a kernel OOPs when recording data atm.

Once these two things are fixed, it should be possible to alter the stream. 
You will introduce heavy latency though, since nothing of this is hardware 


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