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you are right. Most GSM cells are directionals.

one example:

I do not calculate the cell direction (even though I have
already seen a paper with a methodology to calculate the cell
tower position from the kind of gsm/gps datas we are gathering...)

I do not know about the 550m distance you are talking about.

In my opinion, the cell tower position is less important
than the cell position openBmap is providing. It gives you a more
precise position than the cell tower position.

About OSM, I have found



2009/1/12 Sebastian Reichel <elektranox at gmail.com>

> On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 09:10:06PM +0100, Nick wrote:
> > mcc/mnc/lac/cid and two double for latitude and longitude
> > (and perhaps other attributes such as max radius...)+
> You should save the direction the antenna shows into. I had a look
> at the gsm antennas in my region and there are always 2-3 fixed on
> one tower. Each of them show in their own direction and have a
> different CID. At my home I'm often connected to a tower which
> distance to me is bigger than the distance of another tower - though
> the further afar tower is oriented almost directly to my house and
> the other one is not. In your data the 550m distance steps to
> the antenna is also not used as far as I have seen it. This is
> important data!
> P.S.: In my opionion it would be nice to have this data in OSM, too.
> There are already the towers for electricity (gsm antennas are often
> fixed on them in Germany (at least in Oldenburg)) - And one can easily
> get them out of the data again.
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