connman vs. interface detection

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jan 14 02:06:05 CET 2009

Stefan, yesterday, you sent me links to connman's detect.c and rtnl.c,
saying that connman would fail to detect the WLAN interface. I already
commented yesterday that cursory inspection didn't reveal anything

I've now resolved or dummied out all the external dependencies and ran
it on a Neo, but it seems to perform fine. The original is here:
git clone
My variant is here:

Specifically, I tested:
- starting it when the interface is up: detects and registers it
- idem, but unbinding and re-binding the driver: detect.c detects
  and registers the interface
- starting with the interface unbound and then binding it: again,
  detects and registers

The registration reports:

detect.c:detect_newlink() type 1 index 5
connman_device_create(dev_00_12_CF_8F_34_CF, 2)


So it seems that all is well in the lower layers.

- Werner

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