FSO and Paroli

Mirko Lindner mirko at openmoko.org
Wed Jan 14 11:20:03 CET 2009

Hi again,

first of all, thanks for the input and thoughts, they are, as Charlie 
pointed out, very helpful.

c_c wrote:
> Questions
> Can't we have a daily build?

The way builds are provided by OM will change drastically soon (see mail 
titled meeting in Braunschweig) the plan is to have daily builds for 
paroli from the latest revision after the switch has been completed.

> I have cloned the repo - How do I build a package?
Hope Charlie covered that one.

> Why is there no feedback after the Paroli-Launcher is run?
As charlie said paroli-core is a daemon and as such will probably not 
give visual feedback. However we should probably consider feedback 
during development.

> Sometimes I need to run the Paroli-Launcher again or the other apps crash
> without any message. Can't we have some feedback on crashes?

Agreed, we need those. Could you open a ticket on 
paroli-project.org/trac for the component paroli-core ?

> Cant find any documentation on milestones/features/ui. Is there any?

As Charlie said it is in the works and will be published as soon as 

> Suggestions
> I think we need a base window - much like zhone. One that allows users to
> have a homescreen, configurable wallpaper and clock (like Android for eg
> /cairo-clock) and some icons to launch the dialer, contacts etc. The idea of
> looking at a lot of icons on the phone is not that enticing right now.

We are planning to change the illume desktop to a include a clock and b 
show the phone apps at the top of a list. The applications will also 
carry small info such as number of new messages, missed calls etc. I 
asked about the way we do this in another thread titles illume desktop 
and fileman. Jorge started looking into the enlightenments sources which 
probably need to be adapted to allow this adapted home screen.

> Is there some way I can use Edje-editor to improve the UI? Right now it
> seems that there are too many edc files all around and they aren't really
> all that easy to use in the editor.

I have to admit that I don't find the editor particularly useful 
especially when most things are generated dynamically. If there is a way 
to use it please share with us ;) Btw doesn't the edje editor open edj 
files? There is only one per application.
Also, Charlie has provided Test Services which enable the usage of 
Paroli on a desktop. This should make developing the UI easier as well.

> Hope that helps.
Indeed. Keep them comming :)


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