compiling C++ in the toolchain.

Juan Alberto Aranda Alvarez jaranda at
Wed Jan 14 18:49:21 CET 2009

One question, which wiki is the one you used as reference? is it the
toolchain wiki page?

The issue is the way you have autotools configured for the project.

Let's suppose I followed the wiki page:

The issue is modifying 2 files: and src/

AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR(src/main.c) <-- change here to main.cpp

In you have to replace AC_PROG_CC for AC_PROG_CXX.

in the file src/ you replace the file main.c for main.cpp

This way it will use the Toolchain's C++ compiler.

I found this link to be very helpful :

Hope it helps.

Juan Aranda.

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