FSO and Paroli

Mirko Lindner mirko at openmoko.org
Thu Jan 15 09:41:05 CET 2009


c_c wrote:
> Ok. That clears up a few issues for me :-) Thanks.
> Here are more thoughts.
> How are you planning on showing tasks/events/appointments on the home
> screen?

So far no display of those infos is part of the design as there is no 
application for this, yet. Any volunteers ? :)

> Is there some documentation / discussion I can read about the PIM services
> planned?

Good question, I am curious too.

> I am also looking at coding a paroli-settings plug-in (if I can call it
> that) and have kind of started with a shell. I need more information about
> the ui to keep this (experimental code ;-) consistent. Like what transitions
> are we looking at - any other gestures/swipes that are going to be
> consistent across all the plug in's. Any specific widgets etc. 

I am currently trying to figure out a way of keeping python and edje 
completely separated, which means no etk and no elementary. The reason 
for this is our goal to have the application completely themable without 
the need to change the python code-base. I am desperately trying to find 
time to investigate this. My thoughts were to use generic python calls 
to load an embeded embryo script which then generates the UI and allow 
calls to the python via signals (i.e. callbacks). Adding of new info 
could be done via the edje-message service. This are only thoughts and 
have not been tested.

> Does the design service have any documentation?

The design service is going to be removed :) The reason here is what I 
outlined above.
The python code of paroli should not influence the design itself.

> I thought the editor would help make life easier for other users (designers)
> to make themes, while the coding can go on without paying too much attention
> to the ui. Of course, generating things dynamically would mean that the
> editor's use will be limited. Or that is what I've understood (and I'm
> really new to e17/illume and the whole concept of edje). Please comment on
> how things really are.

Afaik the editor is not able to load example data, which would be very 
useful and editing is not really possible either. So I resorted to 
actually developing on the phone and testing the design "live".

> Right now the ui seems a little non-intuitive in the sense that for eg I
> didn't know that i could swipe over a contact's name to see a Msg (button
> ?). Is there some place this is documented / discussed?

But it is kinda cool isn't it ;) Right now there is no documentation as 
we are still implementing the default design, but it should certainly be 
  created and the subpages on the blog are meant to be filled with that 

> Will keep bouncing my thoughts and doubts off this list I get more clarity
> :-)

Yes please, give me more :)

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