Huge simplification of paroli-core

Guillaume Chereau charlie at
Thu Jan 15 10:43:29 CET 2009

Hello all,

Today I removed all the stuffs I could find in paroli-core/tichy that we
don't and won't use in paroli, that is :

- the dialog module (we plan to use a plugin for the Dialogs that will
expose a 'DialogService' Service)
- the Design service (this design was in charge of creating the view of
the objects in the object/view pattern previously used, we don't do like
this anymore so it had no reason to remain)
- all the view methods of the object (same reason, the paroli
applications directly create the view, so no need for that)

You can check the commit [0] and the few ones before for more details
about the changes.

I hope it will help people not get confused by all the stuffs that were
in the code but never used anywhere.

- guillaume

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