FSO and Paroli

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Fri Jan 16 05:38:25 CET 2009


Mirko Lindner-2 wrote:
> c_c wrote:
>> How are you planning on showing tasks/events/appointments on the home
>> screen?
> So far no display of those infos is part of the design as there is no 
> application for this, yet. Any volunteers ? :)
Isn't opimd looking at something like that? Or am I to understand that a
separate front end needs to be written for this?

Mirko Lindner-2 wrote:
> Yes please, give me more :)
 Ok :-) Here goes. 
 If we're looking at just (modified) Illume as the home page, then we would
need to have modules for the following at the very least
 1. Wallpaper / Clock
 2. Notifications - Events/Missed calls/SMS's/Service Messages/Appointments
 3. Launcher - To launch applications and/or group them into Categories 
That's a lot of e17 work! Maybe we could get Raster to help out. This method
could then be used on other e17 based distributions as well.

  On an unrelated note there is the %N0187 hack being used be a lot of
users. Is that being incorporated into FSO yet?

  I've been trying to set my phone to suspend automatically - but only when
it is not plugged in. I'm using a rule like so 
      trigger: IdleState()
s.status, "full")))
             - HasAttr(status, "suspend")
.status, "critical"))
     actions: Suspend() 

 But the phone does not suspend. What am i doing wrong?
 Shouldn't the phone state remain busy if the phone is plugged in
(USB/Charger) ?

 Is there any documentation/mail that spells out all the
actions/triggers/filters available for making rules? Are there more in the
 Is there any gui front end planned for making rules?

 Will get back with more :-)

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