Unable to modify from U-Boot to Qi.

ramsarvan pl_ram2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 16:03:18 CET 2009

Hi Andy/Werner,

Is there a way for QI bootloader to show
options if there are multiple distros in my SD?
I dont know how to do it? In this context, does
u-boot overweigh Qi or am i missing something
about Qi for Multiboot?


Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> "Configuration" is just the kernel name on SD Card?
> Path to kernel, file system type, and partitions.
>> GTA02 use of Qi is basically
>> elective but on GTA03 the packaging will already use the right name so
>> that's OK.
> Yup, no worry about GTA03. There we can avoid the u-boot legacy
> from the start.
>> The worst that can happen is booting from NAND due to wrong
>> name in SD.
> Or failure to boot if a bad block has introduced a shift in the
> offset of the kernel partition and possibly also very subtle
> trouble with the rootfs if a bad block has moved the rootfs
> partition.
> I think we should actually encourage to use Qi+uSD as a bundle.
> Experts can still try their luck with NAND, but I think for most
> users there's just too much potential pain (and mysterious bug
> reports :)
>> ~ - It's not there already because you can't use FAT as a rootfs, and Qi
>> mounts the filesystem it got the kernel from as the rootfs.
> Okay, but that's just a question of what you put into the
> command line, not an architectural restriction.
>> ~ - It's also less fragile from updating point of view to have the kernel
>> image live inside the actual rootfs.
>> ~ - Kernel inside rootfs allows independent updating of multiple rootfs
>> on the same card as well, each with private kernel.
> Yup, these are good points. Chances are that people will want to
> do such things as soon as they feel them within easy reach. I'm
> more concerned about the "first contact" scenario, where it's easy
> to get lost if you have to do too many new things at the same time,
> particularly if failure tends to be silent.
> - Werner
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