Graphics system task list

Jorge Luis Zapata turran at
Wed Jan 21 14:33:15 CET 2009

Hi all, here is a list of the possible tasks we have been discussing so 
far regarding the graphics system for GTA02 and GTA03. In no particular 

- Move from Kdrive to xorg's X server architecture. Initially we might 
support Xfbdev as the generic X server instead of a driver specific 
(Xglamo or whatever) (WIP: juan)

- Change the kernel's drm system to be bus system agnostic. No need for 
a PCI device/driver anymore. So for our platform_device it should work 
correctly. (WIP: jorge)

- Build a glamo_drm driver

- Build a X driver for Glamo, initially it wont support any extension, 
just the core driver

- Add support for EXA on the driver, hw accelerated functions

- Develop a Mesa's EGL driver

- Add support for X's video extensions (Xvmc and Xvideo), maybe support 
VA-API too.

- Add support for EGL on Evas

- Add support for KMS (kernel mode setting). Remove/merge/make 
compatible the Glamo framebuffer driver and the KMS interface

Several points are GTA02 specific, but will be helpful for GTA03 too.

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