Graphics system task list

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Jan 21 15:12:22 CET 2009

2009/1/21 Jorge Luis Zapata <turran at>:
> - Move from Kdrive to xorg's X server architecture. Initially we might
> support Xfbdev as the generic X server instead of a driver specific
> (Xglamo or whatever) (WIP: juan)

What work is there still to do with something that is included in
Openembedded already, and works on Neo with a simple configuration
switch? It is there, and can be enabled at wish. There shouldn't be
any work left to do regarding this item.

> - Build a X driver for Glamo, initially it wont support any extension,
> just the core driver
> - Add support for EXA on the driver, hw accelerated functions

These on the other hand were started already two months ago, like
pointed out. Why these are not even "work in progress" while there has
already been studying and code (although still non-functional) for the
driver has been committed in the openmoko git repository? Is there a
new "X team" at Openmoko now, and is it now more permanent than eg.
one or two months? Just wondering since if it takes some time for a
person to dwell into the architecture and hardware details, and
you're switching people every two months, you never get to the
implementation phase...


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