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Thomas White taw at
Wed Jan 21 15:25:06 CET 2009

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 13:44:34 +0000
Graeme Gregory <graeme at> wrote:

> > - Build a X driver for Glamo, initially it wont support any
> > extension, just the core driver
> >
> > - Add support for EXA on the driver, hw accelerated functions

> Contains the EXA core ported from kdrive to Xorg for glamo. It doesn't
> work yet but I suspect would be a good basis for someone to continue
> the work.

I've made a fork of Graeme's driver where I'm working on adding the
necessary DRI bits to make Mesa work (Mesa queries the video DDX to
determine what driver to use for 3D rendering):;a=summary

It's based on the xorg-driver branch rather than xorg-driver-wip,
which means that the non-DRI bits are little more than a renamed copy of
xf86-driver-fbdev at the moment.  It should merge without too much
difficulty, but since DRI will require that the EXA stuff goes via DRM
to access the hardware, such a merge won't be happening for a while.

Once the major Xorg hoops have been jumped through - GLX working, Mesa
loading our driver and so on - we (anyone who wants to work on
accelerated Glamo-3D) should be able to get down to the fun stuff.


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