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Jorge Luis Zapata turran at
Wed Jan 21 15:46:42 CET 2009

Graeme Gregory wrote:
> Jorge Luis Zapata wrote:
>> - Build a X driver for Glamo, initially it wont support any extension, 
>> just the core driver
>> - Add support for EXA on the driver, hw accelerated functions
> Well this branch
> Contains the EXA core ported from kdrive to Xorg for glamo. It doesn't
> work yet but I suspect would be a good basis for someone to continue the
> work.

Yes, thanks Graeme. I was already aware of it and also checked the code.
The idea of the mail was to fill up voids and settle down some 
development ideas, your mail for sure contribute to that approach, my 
miss for not include what you have already done.

> Graeme (XorA)
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