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Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Fri Jan 23 08:05:28 CET 2009

2009/1/21 Jorge Luis Zapata <turran at>:
>> No need to worry, I think a couple of "WIP: Graeme" were just missed out
>> by accident here.
> Indeed, thanks for pointing this out.

Right, that's great.

2009/1/21 Thomas White <taw at>:
> Jorge Luis Zapata <turran at> wrote:
>> - Develop a Mesa's EGL driver
> A possible typo here?  EGL and GLX are both methods for setting up
> OpenGL surfaces and, while Mesa has some bits for EGL, if we're
> going the whole hog with Xorg then GLX is what we need.

I think it's relatively common to say mistakenly "EGL" when one means
"EGL + OpenGL ES". But indeed it's important to map whether GLX should
be used instead, or in addition, and if there any problems with that.

2009/1/21 "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at>:
> What I'm asking is not related to X, but to the graphics system anyway...
> Do you know how we could make Android use the glamo (or any other
> accelerator used in the future) 2d/3d features to improve its speed?
> Are they already used?

The discussion in this thread is about creating, among else, the
currently non-existing accelerated 3D support for Glamo. So naturally
there is no hw 3d acceleration in android currently. There is probably
also no 2D acceleration in Neo+Android currently, just framebuffer

But indeed, does someone happen to know what Android actually would need? EGL?

^ From there it would look like they use powervr proprietary EGL +
OpenGL ES driver, so for android those would be needed.


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