[PATCH] WLAN: --power maxperf shot into the dark

John Sullivan john at wjsullivan.net
Sun Jan 25 21:01:32 CET 2009

Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org> writes:

> As I've mentioned before, telling the WLAN module not to sleep
> with "wmiconfig -i eth0 --power maxperf" reportedly improves
> network stability in some situations where otherwise disconnects
> were frequent. (Sorry if this sounds rather vague. I don't have
> much real data on this phenomenon. More details would be welcome.)

I did not test this patch, but I was having wifi trouble that wmiconfig
-i eth0 --power maxperf seems to have fixed.

I don't *think* these were association problems though -- at least I
didn't see that in the log.

What was happening for me is that I got a lease and could do dns lookups
but could not ping the gateway or any other host -- there would be one
ping attempt that did not return. If I left it run long enough, there
would eventually be a few successful ones, but we're talking like 5+
minutes for that to happen. Often times despite not being able to ping
out I could ping the FR from another machine on the local network.

This is with eth0 being the only interface other than lo up, and with a
route table identical to the working route table on my laptop on the
same network. 

Anyway, with maxperf, it's working fine now. This is on a Debian system
using andy-tracking.

-John Sullivan
-GPG Key: AE8600B6

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