[PATCH] WLAN: --power maxperf shot into the dark

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Jan 26 02:42:40 CET 2009

John Sullivan wrote:
> What was happening for me is that I got a lease and could do dns lookups
> but could not ping the gateway or any other host -- there would be one
> ping attempt that did not return.

Hmm, that's very odd. There shouldn't really be a difference between
DHCP, DNS, and ping - at least not one that goes away if you use
--power maxperf. Perhaps this depends also on time. Do DHCP and DNS
continue to work after you had ping failures ?

It would be interesting to know what your WLAN environment looks like
(iwlist scan) and what "iwconfig eth0" says while you're experiencing
this sort of problems. Also, if you know anything about the access
point(s), such as brand or firmware, that would be useful.

One known issue is that the AR6k sometimes tunes to the wrong
frequency for some reason, which could explain lossy communication.

- Werner

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