Compiling linux applications for the Freerunner

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at
Mon Jan 26 12:11:48 CET 2009

I put up a step by step account of how I successfully used the toolchain here:

Not sure if it's helpful to folks, but it worked for me :)


2009/1/23 Trevanian <admin at>:
> Hello,
> I am new to compiling applications for different architectures like ARMv4.
> I'd like to compile the "BetaFTPd", a small and fast single-threaded FTP
> deamon, for the Neo Freerunner. I have only compiled source code within my
> x86 environment and am not familiar with the prerequesites for compiling
> source code for different architectures.
> I already took a look at the openmoko-wiki-page but I am still a little bit
> confused. I read words like "Toolchain", ".bb-files", MokoMakeFile,...
> BetaFTPd has no further dependencies but libgcc1 and is very small (20KB).
> So what do I need? As far as I understood it I have to get the Toolchain +
> its needed prerequesites (following the instructions on the wiki->Toolchain)
> and will then be able to compile my application. So no need for MokoMakeFile
> or any .bb-file. Am I right or did I miss(interpret) something?
> Considering the ToolChain: I tried setting it up but I had problems with
> using "opkg-target" as described in the wiki. There even is no binary called
> like that after setting up the toolchain.
> I first installed all by the toolchain needed applications, libraries,.. (as
> explained in the wiki) with apt-get and then used the following commands on
> my System (Ubuntu 8.10) to set up the toolchain:
> bunzip2 openmoko-*-arm-linux-gnueabi-toolchain.tar.bz2
> gzip openmoko-*-arm-linux-gnueabi-toolchain.tar
> fakeroot alien -d openmoko-*-arm-linux-gnueabi-toolchain.tar.gz
> sudo dpkg -i openmoko_*-arm-linux-gnueabi-toolchain*.deb
> . /usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env
> export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/openmoko/arm/bin
> Thanks in advance,
> Trev
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