[Shr-devel] Opimd - some information ?

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at vanille-media.de
Tue Jan 27 16:08:38 CET 2009

Hi folks,

apart from gsm stability a major concern these days for the
freesmartphone.org framework seems to be PIM support. I have to confess
that the plans I had for that didn't work out yet, namely that someone
else than me would take over ownership of that subsystem and continue to
develop the prototype that has been implemented as part of the Openmoko
Google Summer of Code. I will spare you the details, but here's the
current plan:

I will now take over this job for the next couple of weeks, trying to
get the current implementation of opimd into a state where it can be
used for the most pressuring needs -- then, take a step back and
evaluate if and how it fits our application developer's usecases.

So, please don't expect a concrete roadmap and a plan for action with
regards to opimd now since I have to familiarize myself with the current
codebase first.

Anyhow I'll try to answer some of your questions now:
> I have read that all the pim stuff will be handled by opimd :
> contacts, messages, etc.. I have tried to search for opimd in google,
> but could not find anything relevant. Could anyone please help me
> know :
> * when opimd will be ready to be integrated

I have no idea at this point. I will know once I had the chance to get
familiar with the code.

> * if there is/will be tools/methods to easily synchronize pim data
> with local/remote storages

Next to data storage and retrieval, synchronizing is among the most
important aspects of PIM, so yes, I expect that at some point of time
opimd will cover that.

> * which pim data will be handled : contact, sms, calendar, notes,
> tasks ? Or only some of them ?

In my opinion, the usefulness of working with PIM data is depending on
the ability to cross-reference data -- as such, I'd like to have as much
categories of information in the database as possible. In the order of
important I'd say we should target:

* Contacts
* Messages (SMS)
* Appointments
* Tasks
* Messages (E-Mail)
* Notes
* Message (IM)

Note that depending on the amount of resources we can put into this, it
might take a while. Then again, I hope that we can all co-work on that.



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