FSO and Paroli

Mirko Lindner mirko at openmoko.com
Wed Jan 28 09:41:30 CET 2009

Hi again,

c_c wrote:
> Hi,
> Mirko Lindner-2 wrote:
>> c_c wrote:
>>> How are you planning on showing tasks/events/appointments on the home
>>> screen?
>> So far no display of those infos is part of the design as there is no 
>> application for this, yet. Any volunteers ? :)

There are currently no plans on how to do this, so suggestions are welcome.

> Isn't opimd looking at something like that? Or am I to understand that a
> separate front end needs to be written for this?

opimd will store and retrieve that data but not present them, so paroli 
needs a front-end for this feature.

> Mirko Lindner-2 wrote:
>> Yes please, give me more :)
>  Ok :-) Here goes. 
>  If we're looking at just (modified) Illume as the home page, then we would
> need to have modules for the following at the very least

I thought about this for a while and for now I have to agree with some 
earlier comments it is just not within our reach, so I created a 
launcher application in paroli now. It can optionally be started and 
then it is a fully theme-able launcher screen.

Currently it comes with a clock and a top-bar used to close other paroli 
apps. I believe this will make it much easier to first develop 
applications and make paroli truly a daily use app before we go about 
integrating it.

>  1. Wallpaper / Clock
>  2. Notifications - Events/Missed calls/SMS's/Service Messages/Appointments
>  3. Launcher - To launch applications and/or group them into Categories 

to 1. The Clock is there.
to 2. Notifications can be "easily" put it. One that is already working 
is the current caller.
to 3. Included as well

I will update the webpages as soon as I can to include new screenshots 
and explain some code.

I also have a tutorial in the making explaining how to write a Hello 
World app for paroli.

How does this sound?


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