FSO and Paroli

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Wed Jan 28 15:24:28 CET 2009


Mirko Lindner wrote:
>>>> How are you planning on showing tasks/events/appointments on the home
>>>> screen?
> There are currently no plans on how to do this, so suggestions are
> welcome.
I think there are basically 2 ways (that come to my mind) of doing this :-

1. Do this within Paroli
2. Do this in e (illume actually)  

  There are some things that can be done at the window manager level (in
Illume for eg):-

1. Have a pop-up notification area (the central pop-up for shutdown message
for eg). This can then listen for messages/alerts. Other apps/distributions,
including Paroli, can then use this mechanism to display notifications. The
user should be able to pop up this notification window (or hide it) on a

2. Have an (optional) method for organising the icons by category/whatever.

3.  Paroli could then have a service that stores/retrieves data from opimd
and show the alerts using the notification area.

  I think Illume seems to be the right candidate for these functions since
they would then be available across distributions.

  In the absence of this ability in Illume, the Paroli launcher can have a
similar notification area and listen for data (as a service perhaps) that
can be displayed here. This would also allow other apps to show
notifications in a reasonably consistent manner and allow development to
take place in a way that could be easily modified later (if the illume
method works out) to allow shifting this load to illume.

  The launcher apparently already groups apps into categories. So that's
something already taken care of.

  I've been thinking on trying my hand at illume to see if I can modify it
at all.
  Rasterman/Anyone - Can you point me in the right direction?

Mirko Lindner wrote:
> ... so I created a launcher application in paroli now. It can optionally
> be started and then it is a fully theme-able launcher screen.
  Great! That should allow me to start using Paroli instead of Zhone.

Mirko Lindner wrote:
> I will update the webpages as soon as I can to include new screenshots and
> explain some code.
> I also have a tutorial in the making explaining how to write a Hello World
> app for paroli.
> How does this sound?
 Really Great! These efforts should get more people using Paroli - which
should result in more feedback at the very least.
 Plus, it would definitely help me in understanding how to go about making
some apps the Paroli way!

I have a few more questions :-
 Is there a way I can get a daily snapshot of Paroli? I'm using the ipk's
provided  http://svn.openmoko.org/developers/charlie/Paroli/ here . Are they
 How do I get the launcher to start?
 What about the shift to Python 2.6?
 Can the top bar show a working clock now?
 Has the scrolling issue in addressbook sorted out?
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