Exposure in paroli? [was: Re: Exposure]

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Thu Jan 29 13:44:49 CET 2009


Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Sure, FSO is not concerned with UI things.
  Well, to my mind, the end user wouldn't care whether the 'thing' is UI or
not. I would imagine that the settings app would need to (ideally) handle
everything in one place, irrespective of what happens in the background.
  I agree that we need use the FSO/DBus abstraction for all that it provides
- but there will be things that will also need to be handled by this app
which have no abstraction in place and will have to be handled directly.
  Rasterman's mail also opens interesting possibilities. We could have the
settings app launched from e's settings panel. That way, e handles all the
UI stuff and the app handles the FSO stuff - and everything stays in one
place - the place most users are anyway going for setting whatever they can
as of now.
  How does that sound?

  @ Rasterman - would it be possible to modify Illume to display a category
drop down on the top bar, group apps by categories and show only those apps
that belong to the category chosen?
  Also, can Illume handle some kind of a notification pop up - that gets
data from the DBus for eg?
  I'm not very clear about what's being done in the theme (so to say) in e
and what's being done in code. Could you clarify? 
  Also, can you point me to any examples/doc's on how Illume works? Thanks.

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