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Thomas White taw at
Fri Jan 30 14:01:42 CET 2009

On Wed, 28 Jan 2009 14:29:27 -0800
Juan Alberto Aranda Alvarez <jaranda at> wrote:

> My question is: Is there a way to cross compile the Xglamo/Xorg server
> using the toolchain?.

I would agree with Graeme - it's possible, but you'll have to build and
install a whole load of level dependencies onto the toolchain before
it'll work. It's easier to use OE which will sort this all out for
you.  Well, most of it - there are unfortunately still a few hoops to
jump through to build things with the right combination of DRI, GLX and
so on.

I'm publishing all my efforts in this regard on my public Git server.
I've done a few "nastinesses" in my OE tree (hard-coding paths on my
filesystem) to just "get it working" for now.  Feel free to poke
around and cherry-pick the bits that are useful to you:

A particularly notable nastiness was this horrible thing:
..which I'd be happy to hear suggestions to improve :)
Graeme: you didn't come across this?  I was finding some cross-compile
host include badness when building Xorg drivers.

It REALLY doesn't take much longer to compile with OE than with the
toolchain The first time round, it has to go through a bootstrapping
procedure of building the cross-compiler and so on.  After that, when
you tell it to build a package, it doesn't do much more than you would
have done with the toolchain.

Don't ask OE to build the whole image.  Just tell it to 'bitbake
xserver-xorg' and it should produce some .opk files for you to install
on the phone to test.  Then you can do "bitbake xf86-video-glamo" to
build the Glamo driver, or xf86-video-fbdev to get a simple fbdev
driver to get things working initially.

The learning curve for this stuff is insanely steep, so don't be shy
about asking more questions!

> Also Lars-Peter Clausen from OpenWrt(?) has some code with
> acceleration, and requested the spec, that's great news. As I
> mentioned, there's a lot of ground to cover, and the more hands the
> better.

Great news that more people are interested, especially people with
experience.  A lot of the people interested in this hang around on IRC,
so come along and say "hi".  I'm "Weiss" and I hang around in
#openmoko, #openmoko-cdevel etc. on Freenode.


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