Freerunner is running OpenWrt!

Mirko Vogt lists at
Fri Jan 30 19:58:51 CET 2009

Hey folks,

I'm glad to announce that OpenWrt now has basic support for the Openmoko GTA02 "Freerunner"!

There's still lot's of work to do but let's see what's already working for now:

 - kernel (2.6.28) is building and booting (merging the Openmoko and OpenWrt patchsets, whereof one (and that's not ours ;)) consists of either over 620 little non-atomic patches or one 10MB patchblob [kudos to git!], is no picnic (thanks to the work of Michael "mb" Buesch at this point!)
 - D-Bus and the reference implementation (they import the via ctypes - I was really puzzled when python told me it can't find my libc, because I was using the uclibc)
 - Xglamo with acceleration (in the beginning Xglamo just crashed, even JTAG wasn't available anymore; it took us weeks to figure out that a compiler bug was the cause (thanks to Felix Fietkau, Holger Freyther and Lars Clausen) - Lars btw. is currently making good progress to get glamo acceleration working within Xorg)
 - the EFL (enlightenment foundation libraries) and enlightenment including illume (needs some more love to make it really fit into the OpenWrt-environment - currently <edje_cc> and <eet> are required as pre-installed host tools)
 - paroli phone application suite (in case it's working ;))

A few days ago we established the first OpenWrt<->OpenWrt phone call which worked out of the box after flashing our devices - so we thought that might be a good occasion for an announcement :)

We're pleased for all of your feedback and any kind of help is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

mirko (the other one)

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