Openmoko Bug #2206: Can't mount GadgetFS on OM.

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Fri Jan 30 20:47:25 CET 2009

#2206: Can't mount GadgetFS on OM.
 Reporter:  frankmpunkt  |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
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Comment(by frankmpunkt):

 I need to correct myself: The patch works as expected (i forgot to remove
 g_ether). Anyway, I think it is inode.c (gadgetfs), that needs to be
 fixed. Gadgetfs probes the chipset with a fake driver with USB_SPEED_LOW.
 But all udc drivers (amd5536udc.c atmel_usba_udc.c fsl_usb2_udc.c
 goku_udc.c lh7a40x_udc.c m66592-udc.c omap_udc.c pxa27x_udc.c pxa2xx_udc.c
 and finally s3c2410_udc.c) throw an error for drivers with wrong speed
 configuration. In combination with all those drivers gadgetfs' probing
 would fail. Only dummy_hdc seems to support all possible speed-values...

 Anyway, once gadgetfs is mounted, it is usable in combination with
 s3c2410_udc, since the user space application that uses gadgetfs should
 seem to do chipset-dependent configuration (like http://www.linux- does). I wrote a gadget for gadgetfs based on this
 example application and i am happy to report, that it works just fine with

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