Freerunner is running OpenWrt!

Michael Buesch mb at
Sat Jan 31 12:40:18 CET 2009

On Saturday 31 January 2009 04:41:46 Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Mirko and others that helped here,
> this is great stuff, congratulations!
> > - kernel (2.6.28) is building and booting (merging the Openmoko and  
> > OpenWrt patchsets, whereof one (and that's not ours ;)) consists of  
> > either over 620 little non-atomic patches or one 10MB patchblob  
> > [kudos to git!], is no picnic (thanks to the work of Michael "mb"  
> > Buesch at this point!)
> Can you extract the remaining diff between andy-tracking and what you  
> have and send them as patches to the kernel list?

We don't have additional kernel patches, yet.
We basically use andy-tracking from two weeks ago.

> How does your kernel   
> build work? You take andy-tracking, apply a patchset, then build?

No we take vanilla 2.6.28 and apply the diff between 2.6.28 and andy-tracking.
We can also apply additional patches, but we don't for now.

> If you have OpenWrt-specific patches, where are they stored?

In the openwrt tree under target/linux/s3***/patches-2.6.28/

Greetings, Michael.

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