Xorg / Glamo ?

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at metafoo.de
Sat Jan 31 14:18:43 CET 2009

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Graeme Gregory wrote:
> Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
>> I have a git repository with a cleaned up version of graemes xorg
>>  driver located at [1]. Its quite stable(survied a 1 hour
>> `x11perf -all`) and exa acceleration is working, but you'll have
>> to apply [2] to your xserver to get it working. What still has to
>> be done to have a good and simple 2d accelerated driver is proper
>> randr support and some cleanups to the driver setup code.
>> If you want to i can give you write permission to that
>> repository.
>> Lars
>> [1]
>> http://github.com/larsclausen/xf86-video-glamo/tree/xf86-video-glamo
>>  [2]
> Hi, I haven't run it yet but a quick read of your code looks
> amazing.
> Can you explain the patch in [2] and I can get it into OE.
> Basically I need to know the "why?" and "will it break any
> platforms?". I can then get a recipe in OE to build your code.
It opens /dev/mem synchronously. Thus every write will block until the
data has been written to the actual hardware. This is necessary for
mmio, because reads/writes depend on that the hardware has received
previous commands. It wont break other plattforms, but may slow them
down. The patch is neither complete nor am I completely sure if its
right to make it depend on no mtrr available. The easiest solution
properly is to leave xorg untouched and add some code to the glamo
driver which mmap the mmio.

> I think we should see about getting you write access on the OM git.
> Are you one of the guys who have an NDA?
yes, i recently signed the nda.

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