Serial port not working on GTA02 with debug board

Abhishek Bajpai abhisheietk at
Mon Jun 8 14:37:22 CEST 2009

I want to interface a computers serial port with GTA02 . I connected debug
Board V3 with GTA02 and to my computer.
I set the baud rate to 112500 8N1 of the ttyUSB0 device through minicom. I
installed the minicom on GTA02 also and set its ports accordingly. But On my
computer I am getting some special characters in minicom terminal and no
response in minicom terminal  on GTA02. I tried all the serial ports
available on GTA02 ( tty0, tty1, tty2, ttySAC0, ttySAC1, ttySAC2 ) But I am
not getting any response. If the port is aquired by some other program the
minicom should give the error. but it also not giving any error.

Other thing is I have also observed that minicom terminal on computer starts
responding as soon as I start the GTA02 device. Does it suggest  that some
other device is also attached in that port.

Please help
Thanks and regards
Abhishek Bajpai

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